Barbara Rae RA

“A”chill Beach

  • Edition Size: 125
  • Image Size: 644 x 580mm
  • Paper Size: 850 x 749mm
  • Published: 2013

Achill Beach- signed limited edition silkscreen print with glazes by Barbara Rae.

Rae’s work explores human impact on, and perception of, the world around us; how mankind’s presence in the landscape is defined by the marks we leave. The physical layering of texture and colour in her screenprints echoes the layering of history, mood and atmosphere that her vision depicts, creating prints of great depth and richness. The work is also concerned with how we view and react to colour and form, their impact on our emotions, memory and imagination.

Achill Beach and Achill Fence are inspired by the island of the same name off the coast of County Mayo in Ireland. Both works are equally evocative and atmospheric, but vary in mood. The exuberant colours and explosive abstract composition of Achill Beach combine to create the joyous impression of a sunny day.

Note: Please note that the picture shall be unframed. Please contact the gallery for prices on framing.