The Soden Collection has a team of professionals at its disposal who are experts in the field of restoration. Whether it’s an oil painting or watercolour then please speak to a member of the team who can guide you through the process. Each restoration is totally bespoke so its always good to speak to a member of the team, contact the gallery on or call 01743 34 14 00.

Home Approval 

Hear at The Soden Collection, we understand that sometimes its difficult to imagine the perfect painting in the space you have in mind. We offer a home approval service where we can bring the painting to either your home or office so you can see the painting or even paintings in situ. This no-obligation service allows you to visualise either one piece or a collection of paintings in the right space.

Interior Design Consultation 

Here at The Soden Collection, we recognise that one of the main reasons people buy art is for an empty or new space within the home. This may comprise of a neglected wall, an empty ‘cubby – hole’ or even a newly renovated extension.  We can help visualise your ideas, support you in your search and complete those finishing touches. At The Soden Collection, our relationship with our clients expand further than our four galleries, we understand that art is extremely emotive and personal and therefore this remains at the forefront of what we do. This is a complimentary service, which will allow you to discuss your ideas and thoughts openly within your home away from gallery environment.

Our fully qualified in-house members of staff will work with you, organising ‘one-to-one’ meetings at your convenience. Together, we can find that piece of art you have been searching for. From one piece to six pieces we can help in building a truly beautiful portfolio, to which can be appreciated for many years to come.  We understand it may take a week or even a year to realise a vision, so therefore we will support and guide you through the whole process. Working with yourself or your interior designer we can make sure lighting, form and texture are all consulted along the way.  There are no limits on sourcing and finding artwork; we will work hard to secure you that Original, Limited Edition Print or Commission.

At The Soden Collection, we want to make sure that your decisions are confident and informed; as a result, we are certain this will enhance the atmosphere and interiors of your home.

For any information about this or any of the services, you see then do not hesitate in contacting one of the friendly members of the gallery on or 01734 34 14 00.