Maurice Savin (1894-1973)

Savin wanted to try everything and show his best form in all fields of art.
French writer Armand Lanoux says: “Savin’s oeuvre is rich. It comprises about 2500 paintings, 34 finished tapestries, more than 300 pieces of ceramics, 100 gravures and lithographs, 9 medals and some leaded glass windows”.
It is difficult to convey in a few lines the full richness of Savin’s life and works. We recommend the monograph of Armand Lanoux (Edition Cailler, Geneva), which gives an excellent portrait of Savin while paying due tribute to him as an artist.
Among those who have supported and admired Savin are: Marcel Sauvage, André Salmon, Jacques Laprade, Pierre Mac Orlan, Pierre Mazards, Forent Fels, Francis Carco, Fosca, and Pierre Palué – all have expressed great admiration for Savin’s talents.His works have been exhibited in France and around the world, including museums in Tunis, Warwhaw, Faenza, Goeteborg, Stockholm, Montevideo, Oslo, Lausanne, Cairo and London.

After Savin death in 1979 the Museum of Modern Art in Paris honours him posthumously.

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