John Copnall (1928-2007)

John’s paintings slowly evolved throughout his career.  It was not until he returned to London in 1968 after ‘painting ‘in isolation’ as he put it, in Andalucia for about twelve years, that he first saw the new work that was coming out of America.  Intoxicated by painters such as Morris Louis, he used acrylic for the first time, pouring vibrant colours directly onto large sheets of cotton duck.  By the early 1980’s he eventually re-discovered the paintbrush and, still using Acrylic as a medium, created several series of different variations in form to which he gave names such as ‘Radiences’,’ Pentacles’ ‘Orbits.’
‘John Copnall is a painter of great integrity.  He is also a painter who has much to offer in terms of sheer visual delight’ –  Edward Lucie Smith

Artist Collection