Welcome to The Soden Collection

Welcome to The Soden Collection!

Well, its great to finally say this! As I started to write this blog, I was trying to find the words to describe the gallery in a inviting word formation. Then i scrapped what I wrote as thats just not how I speak!

So hear goes….

The Gallery is set up of three wonderfully spaced rooms. All three rooms are gallery space. The one room is a little more luxurious, We have a lovely modern seated arrear where we can entertain with tea, coffee and of course champagne!

We have also converted a good space to the rear of the property where was once a very uneven cobbled courtyard. We now have it all decked out and ready for a sculpture garden! Also, fantastic for entertaining space!

Now, I’d like to take a moment to explain the name of the gallery as it explains  exactly what the gallery stands for. The Soden Collection, many galleries call themselves The ‘Insert Surname’ Gallery, or The ‘Insert Surname’ Fine Art but when discussing the name with friends we were thinking of a word that just that little bit different. My partner actually said ‘well, its a collection, your collection’, and then came “The Soden Collection”.

The Soden Collection is a collection of work held under one roof that I truly can say I think is great! We have worked so hard to get the right artists and sculptors for you. We have actually traveled all over the UK and Europe to bring these to Shrewsbury for you to see!

We have some emerging young artist, some not so young artist and some timeless classics.

LS Lowry, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Helen Bradley are amongst the everyday names you will have heard off.

Im excited about all the artists to be honest. But I am especially excited about introducing George Morton-Clark to the gallery!

So that being said I would like to welcome you to the gallery called, ‘The Soden Collection’, I would invite you to have a look around and come, talk, discuss what you like!



Jonathan-Lee Soden

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